Senpai wa Otokonoko – Oshi Challe

    Joint collaboration with Danke fürs Lesen.

    Link for more details and to purchase:

    • Each try is ¥770, domestic shipping is ¥550 (up to 50 tries)
      • Approximately $5.21 USD per try and $3.72 USD for domestic shipping as of October 21
      • You can use for international delivery
    • Products will be delivered in early to mid-February
    • Win rates
      • Prize A: 1% / Prize B: 9% / Prize C: 40% / Prize D: 50%
    • W Chance Prize
      • There is a chance of receiving the W Chance Prize with each try.
        (If you win, you will be notified immediately. If you lose, nothing will be displayed.)
      • Distribution will end once the specified number of winners is reached,
        even during the campaign period.
    • 10 Consecutive Purchase Bonus
      • You are guaranteed to receive one purchase bonus per 10 tries within a single payment.
        If you make 10 payments with 1 try each, you will not receive the bonus.

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