Kyoukai no Nai Sekai – Series Info

    • Title: Kyoukai no Nai Sekai (A World Without Boundaries/Borderless)
    • Story/Art: Ikuya Daikokudou
    • Publication Status: Completed

    In a future world with advances in medical technology, all citizens over 18 can freely choose to change their sex through the “sex reassignment system”. After the end of summer vacation, a girl reminiscent of an old friend named Akira Kittaka transfers into Yuuji’s class. A little love story of young people living in a world where they can choose their sex at will.

    (Ch. 1–13 is the Kei-chan arc, Ch. 14-18 is the Satomi arc, and Ch. 19-23 is the Akira arc.)

    Publication Note

    This series was originally serialized on Manga Box by DeNA in Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese starting on September 9, 2014. It was originally supposed to be published in volume format by Kodansha under their Weekly Shōnen Magazine imprint beginning in March 2015, but the release was canceled due to “problematic language.” As such, Manga Box discontinued serialization after Chapter 15, including the English translation. The series was picked up in Japanese by Kadokawa in Monthly Shōnen Ace beginning with the June 2015 issue released on April 2, 2015, with the first volume being released on April 25, 2015.

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    Ch. 1–⁠12 translated by Manga Box, Ch. 13–18 translated by Albedo
    Volume 1
    Chapter 1You’re Kei-chan… Right?Read Online
    Chapter 2Shall We Sleep Together?Read Online
    Chapter 3Let’s Play ♪Read Online
    Chapter 4Wanna Fall in Love? Stalker!Read Online
    Chapter 5Wanna Give It a Try?Read Online
    Chapter 6Sakura, Wishes, and LoveRead Online
    Chapter 7Mission Impossible!Read Online
    Chapter 8Bra-Bra Lesson ♥Read Online
    Chapter 9ConfusionRead Online
    Volume 2
    Chapter 10(Old: Ch. 10)Like a Newborn DeerRead Online
    Chapter 11(Old: Ch. 11)
    (Old: Ch. 12)
    What is This Feeling? (Part 1)
    What is This Feeling? (Part 2)
    Read Online
    Read Online
    Chapter 12(Old: Ch. 13)
    (Old: Ch. 14)
    The Date and the Confession (Part 1)
    The Date and the Confession (Part 2)
    Read Online
    Read Online
    Chapter 13(Old: Ch. 15)A Kiss, a Confession, Then…Read Online
    Chapter 14Satomi’s DeterminationRead Online
    Chapter 15Studying Sexual SelectionRead Online
    OmakeRead Online
    Chapter 16Don’t Let Me Love You Any MoreRead Online
    Volume 3
    Chapter 17Are Yuu and I Missing Something?Read Online
    Chapter 18Satomi’s DecisionRead Online
    Chapter 19A Certain Memory…Read Online
    OmakeComing Soon
    Chapter 20Aki’s SecretRead Online
    Chapter 21Inside Him, I’m Still Me…Coming Soon
    OmakeComing Soon
    Chapter 22————————Coming Soon
    OmakeComing Soon
    Chapter 23————————Coming Soon
    OmakeComing Soon