TV Anime Senpai wa Otokonoko Cast Announcement Special Program

    SAKI: “I know that having another girl confess to you…”
    I might be weirder than most other people.
    SAKI: “might cause you some trouble. But, for me…“
    The senpai I admired who I gathered up my courage to confess to had a certain secret–
    SAKI: “this was the first time I’ve ever fallen in love with someone..”
    As long as I was next to him, I thought that being his best friend was enough.
    RYUJI: “We’re best friends, so I’ve gotta protect him, right?”
    I just want to keep on liking the things I like.
    MAKOTO: “I’ve never fallen in love with anyone before.”
    MAKOTO: “I’m not the girl you think I am.”
    The story of these three people’s love, friendship, and growth–
    MAKOTO: “I’m actually…”
    “a boy.”



    Character Reference Sheets

    Cast Comments

    Shūichirō Umeda (as Makoto Hanaoka)
    My name is Shūichirō Umeda, and I have the pleasure of playing the role of Makoto Hanaoka.
    I was really, really happy when I received the audition results… As I thought about why I was chosen to be the voice of Makoto, I decided to confront this work with great care.
    I will do my best to play the role while staying true to Makoto. Thank you very much!

    Akira Sekine (as Saki Aoi)
    My name is Akira Sekina, and I will be playing the role of Saki Aoi.
    When I read the original work, I felt a strong sense of transparency! Just like how something transparent can appear to be various colors when it shines in the light, they show us many different expressions.
    It’s just as dazzling when they’re recorded!
    I will do my best to convey Saki’s charm to all of you!
    Please look forward to it!

    Yūma Uchida (as Ryuji Taiga)
    My name is Yūma Uchida, and I am pleased to be the voice of Ryuji Taiga.
    While it’s still being recorded, I am always touched by the delicate story being weaved by these charming characters.
    Who am I? It feels like it’s during our adolescence that our hearts are shaken by such unanswerable questions.
    I will do my best to express their feelings! Please be sure to watch the TV anime Senpai wa Otokonoko.

    Staff Comments

    pom (original creator)
    Firstly, I was very grateful and impressed by the production team, who understood the subtle nuances I had in my mind without being off by even a millimeter! How professional… Amazing…
    I’ve always felt that I didn’t want the voices of the characters to sound like acting. So when I met the three of them for the first time, I noticed that even when they weren’t acting, their words and actions were very similar to their roles. I thought, “I’m so glad it was these three…!”
    If they’d been doing motion capture, I would’ve wanted to use it as-is. LOL
    Of course, Akira Sekina as Saki and Yūma Uchida as Ryuji are perfect matches, but Makoto…! I imagine the readers are the same way, but I didn’t quite know what kind of voice he had, and all I was thinking was just that “He should have a strong-minded, clear voice!” When I heard it for the first time, I was so shocked that it was like I heard a wham!
    “This is it!” my heart screamed. I hope all of you will soon feel the same way. Look forward to it!

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