Suicidal Companyman & Vampire Schoolgirl

    • Title: Shinitai Shachiku to Kyuuketsu JK (Suicidal Companyman & Vampire Schoolgirl)
    • Story/Art: Masayoshi

    “Work is so hard… I just want to be at peace…”
    When a corporate slave on the verge of breaking down encounters a beautiful girl searching for blood…
    Is this what I was waiting for… A blissful death?
    “What? You want to be killed? I just want some blood.”
    “Eeeehhhh, you must be kidding me!”
    Today, tomorrow, and the future ahead, I want to live because I want to be killed by you!
    A fateful, life-or-death romantic comedy!

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    Thanks to Mocha for the cleaning/redrawing.

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